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The interest in establishing the Faculty of Engineering came from the premise that it is crucial to discover the real wealth existing in the land to serve the nation and to advance development and renaissance and to direct the compass of engineering sciences and research toward innovation and invention.


The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tripoli is one of the most prestigious scientific faculties as it was established in 1961. The Faculty, since, then, has been training and graduating a great number of engineering cadres and competencies in an academic and practical setting in various applied sciences.


The Faculty of Engineering proceeded to changes in its educational curricula and academic structure, as it developed from a faculty with four departments since its inception to a grouping of fourteen departments in response to the desires and requirements of the Libyan society and to the realization of its goals and aspirations for progress. It is able to accommodate the increasing numbers of students that have reached sixteen thousand or more in recent years, and this expansion included halls, laboratories and other advanced facilities and equipment of computers and research measuring devices. In accordance with this, the study system in the Faculty has evolved from a year-based system to semester-based system.


The Faculty dedicates huge interest in its students, and this is in fact came from the premise that students are the real wealth of nations. They are the thinking minds who, with their intelligence, would harness the sources of nature and invest the wealth and bounties of hand to establish the foundations for a better future, and push the wheel of development and advancement forward in all fields. This has been reflected in their active and creative role in the various fields and positions they occupied, and their level was a cause of pride to the Faculty.


The Faculty, with all its facilities, is currently working on developing a strategy that to use all possible tools and means to modernize and develop educational, training and research programs by using state-of-the-art technologies. This is to ensure that it maintains the quality, distinction and competence of its graduates both scientifically and professionally. It is the house of expertise and an advisory body to the country.


Finally, this is a call to all science and knowledge students to make their eyes open to discover and explore wealth and mines of knowledge and to be pioneers in this field to connect bridges of science and build a solid research base that is the highlight of science and knowledge. This is the only path to achieve the desired progress.


The Faculty of Engineering seeks regional and International excellence and leadership in the fields of engineering sciences and their applications.


The Faculty of Engineering trains a distinguished engineering cadre that contributes to securing the needs of society by creating a stimulating environment for teaching, learning, scientific research and cognitive creativities.


The Faculty of Engineering aims at:

·         Preparing competing engineers capable of creativity and excellence at regional and international levels.

·         Providing an attractive and stimulating environment for students, faculty staff, researchers, and administrative and technical personnel.

·         Achieving local and international accreditation.

·         Building an effective partnership with academic institutions locally and globally.

Directing the scientific research system to meet the needs of development and advancement. 


The values that this Faculty adopts are:

1. Justice and integrity: The commitment to equal opportunities for all, along with impartiality, neutrality and objectivity.

2. Accountability and Transparency: It maintains transparency to enhance confidence, credibility and institutional accountability.

3. Honesty: Commitment to ethical principles of purely academic and professional work.

4. Collaboration and Teamwork: It attempts to create a pleasant working atmosphere with the institution and encourages the culture of teamwork and develops collaboration spirit.

5. Proficiency and Quality: Commitment to quality standards in accordance with international references in all outputs of the Faculty in terms of teaching, research, professions of engineering to achieve distinction and compete under friendly bases.

6. Creativity and innovation: It provides a supportive and stimulating atmosphere for discovering new updates. The Faculty also embraces values and encourages submission of development initiatives.

7. Regulated academic freedom: The Faculty supports academic freedom within a framework of societal responsibility and respect for other opinions. It encourages intellectual diversity and consolidates a culture of tolerance.

8. Recognition of Merit and Excellence: It respects intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws that regulate these rights locally and globally.


Duties of the Dean of Faculty of Engineering:

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering has to perform the following duties:


·         Presides over the Faculty Council/Board, supervises the organization of its affairs, invites to attend sessions, implements decisions, and sends minutes of sessions to the President of the University.

·         Applies the regulations and systems of the Higher Education Council.

·         Achieves goals and higher policies at the University of Tripoli.

·         Implements the decisions of the University Council regarding the faculty.

·         Supervises the preparation of the faculty's strategic plan and follows up on its implementation.

·         Supervises the administration of the faculty’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.

·         Develops the faculty in terms of administration, academic work and research.

·         Coordinates and develops the faculty's relations inside and outside the university.

·         Supervises the provision of all educational, research, administrative and financial requirements of the faculty.

·         Evaluates the performance of the faculty's vice-dean, heads of academic departments, directors and heads of faculty units.

·         Forms the necessary committees to perform needed tasks.

·         Prepares a comprehensive periodic report on the course of study and academic, administrative and research performance in the faculty and transferring it to the President of the University.

·         Sends administrative work of heads of departments, and their observations of violations of the required tasks or any other violations of faculty member and the like, to the president of the university.

·         Carries out the duties delegated to them by the Faculty Board.

·         Represents the faculty nationally and internationally.

·         Implements what is assigned to them by the University Council or its President.

·         Supervises the educational process, implements its plans, and develops its academic programs.

·         Ensures application of quality, evaluation and accreditation systems and regulations.

·         Monitors the performance of examinations and controlling order and discipline within the faculty.

·         Supervises the implementation of study plans and programs at the college

·         Selects the Vice Dean and Heads of Academic Departments and sends recommendation for their appointment to the President of the University.

·         Approves minutes of department councils’ meetings.

·         Implements Faculty Board recommendations.

·         Issues internal decisions required for the proper functioning of the faculty in accordance with the rules and regulations.

·         Approves job performance reports prepared by the Vice Dean, heads of department, directors of departments and administrative units regarding employees.

·         Approves the granting of regular, compulsory and exceptional leave to faculty members with reporting to the presidency of university and employee affairs in accordance with the system in place.

·         Delegates their powers in accordance with university labor regulations and rules.

·         Approves performance evaluation reports submitted to them by the faculty units.

·         Recommends disbursement of entitlements to extra work done by faculty members.

·         Recommends assignment to work outside the official working hours of the college.

·         Recommends attendance of courses for faculty employees inside and outside the university.

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