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Mr. MUSTFA Abdallah Abdrhman Basheer

محاضر في دراسات الترجمة يعمل بجد وإجتهاد، يركز على خلق بيئة إيجابية يمكن للطلاب التعلم فيها. يركز على دمج المعرفة متعددة التخصصات المدعومة بأمثلة من الحياة الواقعية في الفصل الدراسي لإشراك الطلاب من مختلف توجهات التعلم. مهتم بتطوير مهنة تجمع بين التدريس والبحث ، مع الحفاظ على المشاركة المجتمعية العامة في جوانب مختلفة.


Some of publications in Department of Translation

Changing the Structure of Paragraphs and Texts in Arabic: A Case from News Reporting

This study explores the textual alterations of Arabic news structure and how it has been influenced by news texts produced in English. The paper precisely examines sentence, paragraph and text structures in terms of form and content in relation to news translation. It analyses news articles collated from Aljazeera and Al-Arabiya news networks. The collated corpus is translations from English into Arabic by these two media outlets. The analysis showed considerable changes that the form of Arabic textual structures has incurred, especially in the general layout of texts. Although it confirm Hatim’s (1997) text-type categorisation with regard to argumentation in Arabic news texts that Arabic lacks argumentative elements it news content, it exhibited significant shift in internal cohesion, paragraph transitions, and syntactic patterns. These changes could emanate from many other influencing factors, but translation is definitely one.
Hamza Ethelb(7-2019)
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mediating ideology in news headlines: A Case Study of Post-Revolution Egypt

The area of news translation is recently gaining increasing interest in Translation Studies. Research in this area has also begun to receive greater attention, although it remains less frequent in relation to Arabic translation. The intricacies of translating news lie in the fact that they are ideologically-loaded. This paper seeks to investigate the impact of ideology in mediating news headlines from English into Arabic. This study draws on Hatim and Mason's (1997) distinction of the impingement of ideology on translation to meet a set of beliefs and systems of a particular media institution. For this study, 32 news headlines produced by Reuters covering Egypt's post-Arab Spring uprising were examined. Of these, 22 of them were mediated by Al-Arabiya and 10 by Aljazeera on their Arabic webpages, and these were examined to see the degree of ideology mediation. The paper also investigates the nature of news translation, and asks whether this complex process is adequately and clearly defined within the field of Translation Studies. It has been shown that the news headlines have been ideologically mediated in a way that completely different from the original texts and conform to the news organizations’ political/ideological leanings. This resulted in reformulating a different Arabic version from the original.
Hamza Ethelb(5-2016)
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Machine Translation and Technicalities of Website Localization

Machine translation tools are widely used by companies. The tools are on an increasing demand. Translators need to equip themselves with the knowledge and the mastering of these tools. This study explores two machine translation tools involved in website localization. These tools are Alchemy Catalyst and Trados Tageditor. The study adopts an evaluative methodology to shed light on the intricacies and technicalities of these two localization tools. It discusses some of the cultural issues that localizers come across in the process of localization. In addition, it delves into the technical issues, mainly focusing on localizing into Arabic with a special focus on string, text, lexis, and orthography. The study concludes that the process of localization requires teamwork and involvement of computer engineers, and both localization tools are valuable in achieving a localization task.
Hamza Ethelb(8-2019)
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