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The Faculty of Nursing was formerly located in Salahaddin, Tripoli, Libya. It started last June 27, 2007 based on the issuance of a Pre Ministerial Decree number 535.  On July 29, 2007, a Letter number 319 was issued in Tripoli, Libya placing the Faculty of Nursing in the higher Medicine Institute. The decree supported the acceptance of first year students in 2008. It was on November 21, 2010 (decree number 2180) when the Faculty of Nursing was transferred at the University of Tripoli campus.

The Faculty of Nursing aims to produce professional and competent nurses who will serve the people of Libya. It endeavors to promote quality education through its academic programs and to enable the graduates to acquire knowledge, skills and develop the proper attitude in their practice relevant to the provision of quality health care. The graduates of this program will become future nursing leaders and educators since this program is university-based as approved by the Ministry of Education.  The students will graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and prepares them to pursue further studies for professional growth and advancement. 

The Faculty of Nursing offers 4 areas of specializations: Critical Care Nursing and Anesthesia Nursing Science, (CCNAS),  Surgery and Operating Theater Nursing Scien (SOTNS), Midwifery and Neonatology and General Nursing

After finishing the academic requirements set by the Faculty of Nursing, graduates will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree. 

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Mr. Maria Cristina Arboleda Tinay Lecturer


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A study on the level of awareness of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students at the University of Tripoli on the myths and facts on Corona Virus (COVID – 19)

The study aimed to determine the level of awareness of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students at the University of Tripoli on the myths & facts on coronavirus (COVID – 19). Specifically, this study answered the following questions: 1)What are the Students’ Demographic profile in terms of Gender and Age? 2) What are the Students’ level of awareness of the myths & facts on coronavirus (COVID-19)? 3) Based on the results of the study, what measures can be formulated to increase the level of awareness of the students on coronavirus (COVID-19). The findings that the researcher was able to extract from the study were: 1) the frequency and percentage of the student’s demographic profile in terms of Gender, shows that female are mostly dominant which is 53 or 66.25% while the male is 27 or 33.75%. In terms of Age, where mostly belongs to the category of 21-23 years of age with 38 respondents or 47.5%, 18-20 years of age, 37 or 46.25% and 24-26 which is 5 or 6.25%.2) the results of the frequency and percentage of the Student’s level of awareness on the Facts and Myths of COVID-19 reveals that mostly 81.40% are aware of the facts on COVID-19, 16.71% are unaware and 1.87% are undecided. Predominantly, 50.20% of students answered “YES” on Myths on COVID-19 making them unaware of the Myths, 46.04% are aware and 3.75% are undecided 3) The measures that could be formulated to increase the level of awareness of the students are to conduct information dissemination campaign through symposiums, research forums and the use of IEC materials. Based on these findings, the researcher was able to conclude that the University of Tripoli - Faculty of Nursing are aware of the FACTS on COVID-19, however, it is worthwhile to note that misconceptions are high on the MYTHS aspect thus there is really an urgent need to correct these misconceptions so as to contribute on measures to end this pandemic. arabic 37 English 128
Maria Cristina Arboleda-Tinay, Dr. Ebtisam Ayad Ben Omran, Evelyn Macasieb, Leonora Tilda Lesaca, Jane Fabian, Lamour Laureta, Joyce Juanita De Vera(1-2020)
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